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We’re AquaPrince. For nearly 12 years, AquaPrince has delivered water purification & water filtration processes to domestic consumers, businesses and large organizations throughout Asia & UAE. What does AquaPrince stand for? A guardian of your drinking water. Reliable and durable equipment with scalable technology and solutions to provide safe and healthy water.

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We are professional and accountable for our actions, and deliver what we promise.


We are responsive and work with you to create innovative solutions that meet the challenges of your unique situation. Putting your health and finances first is at the center of what we do..


Our people are our core strength and competitive advantage. We thrive only by working together, openly and collaboratively, with a common purpose and goals.

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3 Stage Jumbo with UV System

20 Whole House Filters High Flow ( Big Blue ) Housings with Standing Frame Operating Data
Max Pressure: 125psi

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7 Stages Water Purifier

Invert Osmosis and Ultraviolet framework. The Ultraviolet light will sanitize separated water at a typical stream rate

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3 Stages Water Purifier

This revolutionary new four stage water filter system uses water cleaning and Carbon Filtration to put refreshing, clean water at your fingertips.

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